When Buying Gold Jewellery

Unlike buying budget friendly jewellery, real gold jewellery is a bit more complicated.

Gold is a precious metal which is extremely valuable particularly during times of uncertainty, which is why in the nine months of 2020 the price of gold increased by over 30%!

This makes gold jewellery a luxury purchase therefore knowing how to buy gold is critical before making a decision.

In this comprehensive guide, we detail everything you need to know about gold. But if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us with them by emailing getintouch@krishnikajewellers.co.uk.

  1. Gold as an investment vs real gold jewellery
  2. Gold purity
  3. Types of gold jewellery
  4. Checklist for buying gold



  1. Gold as an investment vs gold jewellery

If you are looking for purely an investment opportunity, gold bars and coins (known as bullions) can be purchased pretty easily online or at most gold jewellery stores. These bars and coins are pure gold (see below) and valued based on the latest gold price, therefore fluctuate daily.

www.bullionbypost.co.uk is the most popular dealer in the UK to purchase gold bars and coins online.

Gold jewellery on the other hand is a bit more complicated.

Jewellers will design a wide variety of fashionable pieces using gold at the main material. However it may not be the only mental which means the purity of gold may differ (see below). Once an item is created the jeweller will add a ‘mark up’ for their hard work and effort. This is usually based as a % of the amount of gold they used and can be anyway from 100%-200% and in some instances even more. This may sound like a lot, but remember food at a restaurant usually have a mark up of 200%-300% to cover all the other costs associated with serving the customer.



  1. Gold purity

In every gram of gold, there are 24 units that we refer to as “karats”. When you buy gold that has 24 karats that means you have 100% pure gold.

You can easily check the purity of the gold jewellery by checking for the ‘Hallmark’, a small engravement on each piece of gold jewellery weighing over 1g which all jewellers are obligated to ensure around the world.

The below chart easily translate the ‘karat’ or ‘hallmark’ to the % of gold used to make things a bit easier;



  1. Types of gold jewellery

Jewellery made from 24k pure gold is rare as pure gold is incredibly soft and therefore can damage easily. At Krishnika jewellers, we sell mainly 18k/22k gold jewellery known as gold filled or solid gold jewellery.

Gold filled jewellery is…well filled with gold. Plus a little bit of something else (usually nickel)  to create a gold alloy which is stronger. Our customers generally prefer gold alloys over gold-plated jewellery because this is the second most valuable type of golden jewellery (next to pure 24-karat gold) and they are less likely to tarnish, fade, chip or change colour overtime apart from the occasional need for cleaning. This is why they are considered “lifetime” products.

Gold plated jewellery on the other hand are made of non-gold base metals that are then dipped into liquid gold to create a thin golden coat on the surface. This is a budget friendly alternative to gold-filled jewellery because the plating is usually very thin and will wear off in time but they are readily available on the market.

A special kind of plating called vermeil uses the same process but on a specific base metal, sterling silver. Vermeil has similar pros and cons to other gold-plated jewellery.



  1. Checklist for buying gold

To summarise the above, we’ve created a handy step-by-step guide to purchasing gold;

1/ Decide your budget. Gold filled jewellery is a considerable outlay compared to gold plated jewellery, but given the investment value over a period of time, and a growing amount of socially conscious consumers that are looking for sustainability and value, we believe it is the right choice. Read more as to why real gold jewellery can cost less than their ‘budget friendly’ alternatives here.

2/ When deciding on gold filled jewellery , check which level of purity you require. The higher the karats, the more gold which is used. At Krishnika Jewellers, we sell mainly 18k/22k gold jewellery which is hallmarked to ensure purity. Be sure to check the hallmark to ensure you are getting the level of purity you require.

3/ Find a reputable jeweller with a brand you can trust. At Krishnika Jewellers, we have over 20 years of experience through our journey on Ealing Road, always hands on when serving our countless customers and providing value within the community. Read about our story so far or  visit us in store if you prefer a more face-to-face experience.

4/ Know the price of gold on the day you wish to buy to ensure you are getting a fair price. Follow https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-price/gold-price-per-gram/ to find the daily price of gold.

5/ Take care of you purchase. Gold jewellery are precious little things that require care. Be sure read our helpful tips on how to look after your jewellery to ensure it remains sparkling over time.