Jewellery Care

There’s no doubt that gold is an everlasting jewellery metal that will never go out of style.

But like most things, gold jewellery requires a bit of regular care to ensure you get the most from your purchase. Whether you have just a few gold pieces or most of your jewellery box is gold, these tips will help ensure that your favourite jewellery pieces last a lifetime.



If treated right, gold jewellery should last for years to come. Here are a few things to keep in mind on a regular basis while wearing gold jewellery:

  • Put your jewellery on last when getting ready: makeup, perfume, hairspray, and lotions can damage your gold. Be sure to put these things on before your jewellery to limit the exposure.
  • Take jewellery off before showering: wearing jewellery while you shower can lead to a build-up of soap which will cause a film on your jewellery.
  • Cover or remove while cleaning: household cleaners with acids or abrasives will damage your jewellery’s finish. Be sure to use rubber gloves while cleaning  or remove your jewellery altogether.
  • Chlorine is gold’s worst enemy: with repeated exposure, chlorine will weaken your gold jewellery’s structure and eventually lead to it breaking. Make sure to take your jewellery off before getting in a pool or spa.



When worn regularly, your gold jewellery is exposed to skin oils, perspiration, dust, makeup, and more. To keep its shine, you should clean your jewellery regularly with a solution of 10-parts warm water and 2-parts washing up liquid. A few extra tips:

  • Soaking is the key: you should soak your gold jewellery pieces for 3 hours and then scrub them gently with a very soft brush. Rinse under clean water and blot dry with a cloth. Use a jewellery polishing cloth would be ideal or use a paper towel or tissue though be careful not to scratch your jewellery.
  • Other cleaners: rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning and sanitizing, but stay away from bleach!
  • Look out for damage: during your regular jewellery cleanings, be on the lookout for any damage or loose stones. Cleaning damaged pieces can only make the problem worse.



After you’ve worn (and cleaned) your gold jewellery for the day, the next step in taking proper care of it is to store it properly.

  • Use a jewellery box: a clean, dry, fabric-lined jewellery box is the best option.
  • Store pieces separately: this prevents jewellery from snagging or scratching each other. You can do this by wrapping each piece in soft cloth.